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Team Santa Fe Specifics

Page history last edited by Tom Johnson 11 years, 10 months ago

Notes related to preparations for Team Santa Fe's "Complexity in Cuba" Trip 






Items needed from each team participant (or others[1]) to generate invitation letter from Cuba's Ministry of Education:

  • Full name
  • Surface mail contact information
  • Place of work
  • Activities which could explain the relation to the workshop.
  • Passport number
  • E-mail
  • Fill out the form here



Process for requesting "licence" to travel to Cuba from the U.S. Dept. of Treasury.  (NB: at the very best, this application process will require at least two weeks.  Please start right away.)



  1. Marcelo Chacon writes on May 8, 2008: "Any other people from the U.S. that would like to participate in the seminar should send the same information to me (as soon as possible), and then I start the process to get the invitation letter."

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