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Submited names

Page history last edited by Tom Johnson 11 years, 4 months ago

Individuals requesting invitation to attend the Seminario in Camagüey.


Suggested steps to follow when applying to the U.S. Department of the Treasury's  "Foreign Assets Control"

  1. Go to the OFAC home page and sign up for e-mail advisors related to any changes in the Cuban policies at http://treas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/programs/cuba/cuba.shtml


  2. Review the " Overview of Sanctions"  Note especially the language in the sub-section "Who Can Go...."


    "Full-time professionals whose travel transactions are directly related to professional research in their professional areas, provided that their research: (1) is of a noncommercial academic nature, (2) comprises a full work schedule in Cuba, and (3) has a substantial likelihood of public dissemination."

    ALL of these three point must be somehow addressed in your letter to OFACs to increase the probability of your receiving the licence to travel.

    See especially: https://cubatravel.ofac.treas.gov/guidelines.htm#ProfessionalResearch  The OFAC office takes these applications very, very seriously, and we each have to be sure to carefully address its requests.


  3. Go to the link Request a Specific License for Travel under the Comprehensive Guidelines for License Applications  Work through the wizard; you will be "Requesting a New License" 


  4. When you get to the page asking you to select the category for travel, you probably want to choose "Professional Research and Meetings"


  5. NB: This category requires you to state your request for a specific license under § 515.564(b) of the Regulations to engage in transactions directly incident to professional research or attendance at a professional meeting or conference or for the organization of a professional meeting or conference in Cuba that does not qualify for the general license under § 515.564(a)."  This means you should include this specific request in the cover letter of your applications to OFAC.  Secondly, you are "applying as an individual."


  6. In Step 2 of 7, you will be required to supply an organizational relationship.  If you have one to use, fine.  If not,  then use "Inst. for Analytic Journalism" and "Non-profit eductional" as type.


  7. You will be asked for travel dates.  We suggest using a "Departure date: 19 February 2009" and a "Return date: 3 March 2009."  These probably will NOT be the exact dates, but we do not yet know what the flight schedules.


  8. You will be asked to "DESCRIBE THE MEETING/CONFERENCE"  This is what I wrote: "Conference description"  Use as you wish, but the character limit is a firm one.


  9. "Supporting Documentation (Step 5 of 7)"  I (TJ) have selected "yes," and am submitting a flyer for our Handout for SuperComputing kickoff-2up.pdf.  Some of you could, of course, use that.  Others will need to be more inventive, perhaps by putting together something from the SF Complex site at www.sfcomplex.org


  10. Answer the obvious check boxes, noting:

    Do not forget to attach the following with your application:

          * Copy of your organization's brochure or other literature describing typical activities.

          * Copy of agenda/program. 3rd Biennial - Call for papers.pdf and/or 3rd Bienal - Call for papers - Spanish.pdf


          * Copy of resume or curriculum vitae.


  11. The most important thing is to make sure that your application cover letter says that "You will be presenting a paper or a workshop that will be written up in Proceedings of the Workshop.*



  12. Be sure to keep hard copies of all your application paperwork, both Cuban and U.S.  You will want to have that with you when entering Cuba and, perhaps, coming back to the states.



  13. Get to work post haste on this application and get it in; we expect complications in Washington.  Then let us know, in the table below, the status of your application.




How to edit this page:


Click on the tab above "Edit Page"

As you will see, this looks like a familiar word processing tool, and it is. Just enter your information in the appropriate table cell.

Don't worry about the spacing/format; we will clean it up.

When you have entered your data, YOU MUST CLICK THE "SAVE" BUTTON below on the left.

If you need to make edits in your information, just click the "Edit" table again, and go through the steps.


Name on passport


Address Affiliation Passport No.


Reason for attending Complexity Seminar (e.g. attendee, plan to present a paper, conduct workshop, etc.) E-mail and Personal Page URL







Johnson, John T.


1201 Madrid Road Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 USA Mgr. Director

Inst. for Analytic Journalism

217032634 Coordinator of Team Santa Fe workshops tom@jtjohnson.com


Johnson, Tom Invite Letter.pdf    
Bracey, Dorothy H.


1201 Madrid Road Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 USA



Institute for Analytic Journalism

  Coach for hands-on training sessions dhbracey@comcast.net Bracey, Dorothy Invite Letter.pdf    
Daitz, Dr. Ben



Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of New Mexico,

Albuquerque, New Mexico

  M.D with speciality in public health and complex systems bdaitz@unm.edu Daitz, Ben Invite Letter.pdf    
Steiner, James Paul


123 Rev S Howard Woodson Jr Way,

Trenton, NJ, 08618, USA

Thomson Reuters



Team Santa Fe workshop instructor

james@turtlezero.com (or gregortroll@gmail.com Steiner, James Invite Letter.pdf    
Sadd, John R. 50 Encantado Loop, Santa Fe NM 87508 USA Fellow, Inst. for Analytic Journalism 219631152 Team Santa Fe Workshop participant john@progress.com Sadd, John Invite Letter.pdf    Cannot go
Guerin, Stephen 2257 Camino Iris, Santa Fe, NM 87505

President, Redfish Group

Chairman, Santa Fe Complex

Faculty, Santa Fe Institute Summer School

  Team Santa Fe workshop instructor stephen.guerin@redfish.com Guerin, Stephen Invite Letter.pdf    
Wimberly, Francis C. 140 Calle Ojo Feliz, Santa Fe, NM 87505 Principal Scientist, Redfish Group, Member of the Board, Santa Fe Complex   Team Santa Fe workshop participant, Spanish/English Interpreter wimberly3@earthlink.net Wimberly, Frank Invite Letter.pdf    



608 Onate Pl, Santa Fe, NM 87505 Stigmergic Productions   Team Santa Fe workshop instructor joshua@stigmergic.net Thorp, Joshua Invite Letter.pdf    
Prescott, Paige

137 E. Santa Fe Ave.

Santa Fe, NM 87505

Coordinator, Project Growing Up Thinking Science 159470000 Instructor in StarLogo TNG paigeaprescott@gmail.com Prescott, Paige Invite Letter.pdf    
Gizzi, Michael Illinois State University, Normal, IL Asst. Prof., Criminal Justice Sciences   Lead instructor in Netlogo mgizzi@gmail.com Gizzi, Mike Invite Letter.pdf    Cannot go
Wikle, Glenn 2006 Conejo Dr

Santa Fe, NM,87505


Santa Fe Complex   Starlogo & Netlogo Instructor glennwikle@gmail.com Wikle, Glenn Invite Letter.pdf    
Sorvig, Kim R. School of Architecture & Planning, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131 Research Associate Professor
School of Architecture & Planning
133458280 Team Santa Fe
NetLogo presenter
sorvig@santafe-newmexico.com  Sorvig, Kim Invite Letter.pdf    
Jimerson, Paul M. 2107 Van Ness Ave #408
San Francisco, CA 94109
Fellow, Institute for Analytic Journalism 218732686 Team Santa Fe Network Specialist pjimerson@gmail.com  Jimerson, Paul Invite Letter.pdf    Cannot go


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